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Alan R English headshotAlan English has over 38 years’ experience in the petroleum refining industry. As a Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) expert, he has helped dozens of clients worldwide improve refining operations; benefits typically exceed $2 million per year. He has provided troubleshooting, technical support, optimization consulting, design work and training to more than 40 refineries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This work involved a wide range of refining technologies including over 50 FCC units, and numerous Alkylation, MTBE, TAME, Delayed Coking, Hydrotreating (naphtha, distillate and resid), and Hydrocracking units.

Al is a licensed Chemical Engineer and holds a Master’s Degree in Technology Management. He served 19 years as a consultant with KBC. Previously, he worked for three major oil companies in their refinery and R&D organizations. He was responsible for developing two new commercial processes, the process design of several new or revamped major units and the development or improvement of several test methods and evaluation procedures. Al has authored or co-authored 13 publications, served on the NPRA (now AFPM) FCC Q&A panel twice, and holds three US patents.

Christopher DeanChristopher F. Dean has over 35 years in the refining business. His emphasis has been on high severity Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) operations with petrochemical integration. Before forming the consulting service firm High Olefins FCC Technology Services LLC, he spent fifteen years as a Research and Process Engineering Consultant with Saudi Aramco. His focus was on the development and commercialization of the High Severity-FCC Project both as a viable process and enhancements to existing FCC units for producing light olefins from heavy oils and naphtha. He initiated research and commercialization studies in catalytic naphtha cracking utilizing the HS-FCC downer reactor technology. In addition he was active in the development of the PetroRabigh integrated refinery and petrochemical joint venture complex and with the future Ras Tanura Refinery expansions and joint venture.

His refining background includes providing technical service support to a major (FCC) catalyst supplier in Europe and the US in addition to process engineering, process design, and operations on a variety of refinery units with several refineries in the U.S., the Caribbean and the Middle East.

He has published over 30 papers and articles in technical journals, seminars and conferences.

He has been issued two patents on FCC gasoline desulfurization and has three other FCC pending process patents.

Chris is a 1977 graduate of West Virginia University with a BSChE and has completed graduate course work in Business Management, Finance and Marketing.

Robinson-BarryBarry Robinson is Sr. Staff Engineer with Middough Inc., a Midwest engineering and construction firm. He has over 37 years of experience in the petroleum refining industry in various technical and managerial positions. He has extensive experience in major capital project design and execution, as well as refinery operations, training, and turnaround execution.

He has a strong technical and operating background in fluid catalytic and thermal cracking processes, along with their associated feed preparation and product separation units. He has experience in hydrotreating/ catalytic reforming operations as well.

He holds a BSChE from The Ohio State University and MBA from Bowling Green.