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Explosion-Proof Elevator An Innovative Solution to Ensure Worker Safety During Turnarounds

GEDA USA Elevator and Material Lift Co. has long been known for its ability to design permanent elevators for various hazardous area applications, but the company recently demonstrated a whole new level of innovation in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the GEDA PH 6000 XP Construction Elevator, a  “certified” explosion-proof duty construction elevator that can be used by refineries during turnarounds. explosion proof elevator

Due to the critical maintenance operations being conducted during a turnaround, vertical access is critical to increase productivity and expedite the process of getting the process unit back in operation. Historically, turnaround managers have either had to use a permanent traction type elevator or rent a construction elevator as a secondary means of egress to avoid any downtime. GEDA’s solution to engineer a “Certified” construction elevator that meets the Hazardous Area Classification allows turnaround managers to install the elevator prior to shutdown of the unit and allow workers to have vertical access support while the unit is running.

Safety is always top priority and GEDA’s engineers worked closely with internationally recognized certification and consulting companies to design an elevator system that met the hazardous are classification requirements for safety, while still delivering a high performance elevator system.

The new GEDA PH 6000 XP Construction Elevator is available for purchase or rent, and can be used on various plant structures.

GEDA will be exhibiting at RefComm® Galveston 2018 and while there, plans to show the GEDA Rack & Pinion Personnel and Material Elevator. GEDA representatives will also be on hand to provide elevator application consulting to interested attendees.

GEDA General Manager Herbert Calles will be on hand to demonstrate how the Rack & Pinion Elevator works and answer any other questions attendees might have. Herb has 17 years in the rack & pinion elevator industry and founded GEDA USA in North America. He can identify solutions for all your vertical access project requirements. For more information, visit GEDA’s website or download the RefComm® app to schedule an appointment with Herb while at the conference. Click here to register for RefComm®.

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