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LCO Quench and FCCU Rx Outlet Temp

We are determining yields at different Rx Outlet Temperatures (ROTs). The unit’s procedures call for an LCO quench once the ROT reaches 1010F. Last week, the operators tried to put in CatCracker Rx Outlet Temperaturethe LCO but found the nozzles were plugged. There is steam going to the nozzles, so I’m not sure exactly how they got plugged. The current discussion between everyone is whether or not we should keep going with the test run.
I wanted to make sure the LCO quench was more for process optimization rather than equipment constraints. I always heard that the quench is to keep the process material from cracking once it leaves the Ramshorn. The original plan is for an ROT of 1020F. Do you see any negatives from continuing to raise ROT?


  1. It is OK/safe to proceed with the FCCU Rx Outlet Temp (ROT) test run.
  2. The LCO quench is for yield optimization.
  3. The LCO quench does not have any impact on the metallurgy or mechanical integrity.
  4. From a metallurgy/integrity point-of-view, the Rx is good up to 1050F; but, let’s use 1025F just to err on the side of safety.

Also, the unit volume balance for your unit process conditions should be 110-112 vol%.
The 97+% wt. balance and the 107+% vol. balance suggests that either one or both of the LPG flow-meters C3 and C4 are off.

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Posted by: Paul R Orlowski

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