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Petroperu to Expand and Update the FCCU at Talara Refinery

Talara Refinery - Peru

Big changes are happening at Petroperu’s Talara Refinery.  Tecnicas Reunidas has just been awarded the $2.7 billion EPC project.  The goal is to modernize the facility to produce diesel and gasoline fuels according to the new Peruvian environmental requirements within the next 55 months.

The modernization project will increase the throughput capacity from 62,000 bpd to 95,000 bpd. 

Existing process units to be expanded and updated: crude and vacuum distillation units and the FCCU complex. 

New process units to be constructed: diesel hydrotrater, cracked-naphtha hydrotreater, vacuum distillation unit, flexicoker, naphtha hydrotreater, naphtha catalytic reformer, amine unit and cogeneration unit.

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