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Safety Checklist

At RefComm Galveston 2015, Thursday, May 7th was kicked off by a Safety Moment offered by Bryan Lewis, FCCU Sr. Operations Specialist at LyondellBasell Houston Refining Co.  Safety Moments are a brief tip, story, or lesson learned shared with the RefComm audience by an industry professional to increase awareness and safety.  Thank you Bryan, for sharing this tip! – the RefComm Team

 Before performing any task – large or small, you should always check signals. Checking signals is actually a series of questions.

  1. Can I perform this task safely? Am I properly trained? Are there any written procedures I need to follow?
  2. What are the hazards? Are there any hidden hazards?
  3. What personal protective equipment should I have? Is there any PPE required to better protect me than the standard PPE?

All accidents are preventable. There are generally many factors involved before an accident actually happens. They are like dominoes – if you push one, the sequence starts. If you pull one of the dominoes, the rest stay standing and the accident never occurs.

So before performing any task – large or small, always check signals. Do not hesitate to ask for help – the more eyes looking at a job, the better the result. Everyone should go home from work the same way they came – injury free.

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Posted by: Bryan Lewis