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Shell Norco and Shell Convent FCCU’s will both stay operation

Shell assumed ownership of refineries in Norco and Convent as part an agreement with Saudi Aramco to split up the assets of their Motiva joint venture in May 2017. Saudi Aramco, assumed ownership of the Motiva Port Arthur, Texas.

Shell Norco and Shell Convent FCCU's will both stay operational

Initially Shell planned to close the FCCU at the Convent  FCCU because it was unprofitable, then decided to keep it open for 4 to 5 years. Shell also planned to shutter the Norco CatCracker, but recently decided to putthose plans aside for 6 years.

Shell plans to use the FCCU to refine gasoline meant for export to Mexico with the intention of profiting from US shale production.Show less

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Posted by: Paul R Orlowski

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