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Catalyst Losses

When troubleshooting catalyst losses, describe cases where a unit shutdown was imminent (e.g., severe cyclone failure) if the losses could not be stopped quickly? Give recommendations for avoiding shutdowns due to excessive catalyst losses?

There are a number of scenarios that can lead to a unit shutdown due to excessive catalyst losses. Generally, inability to maintain regenerator bed level leads to an imminent unit shutdown. Since the stripper bed level is controlled with the spent catalyst valve any catalyst loss from the reactor or the regenerator is reflected in a loss of regenerator level. Refiners will face the decision to shut down whenever the catalyst loss is so high that:

Emtrol cyclone CatCrackerThere may be opportunities to mitigate the catalyst loss and delaying the need for shutdown. The delay would allow the refiner to troubleshoot and develop corrective action plans for staying on-line and keeping operating costs down.

The refiner could consider:


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